Virtual Travel Agency


Vision Travel has developed the most advanced tool which will permit you make your dreams come true: owner your own business in one of the world's most lucrative businesses; earn a lot of money and travel at the same time.

The travel business is an industry which grows 23% quicker than the world's economy.

It is an industry where the family nucleus invests 10% of its income.

In a nutshell, this means that by being part of this industry, no doubt, you are investing in your future.

When you acquire a Vision Travel Virtual Travel Agency, your clients may well make reservations in the following: airfare, hotels, cruise ships, car rental, tourism packages and much more; without incurring in the expenses a traditional travel agency charges.

With the assistance of an excellent management tool, which is your own personalized web-page, you can learn your business’ activity, the quantity of sales, the number of people navigating your web-page, wholesale rates, special offers, get news from tourist operators, find out about the different FAM trips and keep your clients information up to date plus learn about their preferences.

A client and travel agents support center which will allow you to make reservations through a toll free number.

As a Travel Consultant from Vision Travel affiliated to its Virtual Travel Agency you will receive an ID which will credit you as one.

Thanks to a complete training plan you will obtain greater benefits from the business.